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The church's tree
Oxygen Flute
The sunlight coming through the blue window



  • This paper describes morally questionable practices of designers and builders of water megaprojects to gain political and financial supports for their ambitious plans. Published in: L. Zsolnai, ed. The Spiritual Dimension of Business Ethics and Sustainability Management. Cham: Springer International Publishing, pp. 143–157.

  • Club of Projectors

    If there is imperium – for that, if there is capitalism – for that, if there is socialism – for that. At any cost, it doesn’t matter, just build the representative hydraulic megaprojects which „at first sight, immediately reveal their importance with their appearance”. [in Hungarian]

  • An essential step towards a better future for the region would be the change of the ruling paradigm. Instead of the passive adaptation of the Western model, another concept of the active selection and integration of the environmentally most advanced strategies and technologies is essential in fields such as energy, transport and agriculture.

  • The Czechoslovaks, however, had to wait half a century before an allied Hungarian Government dropped all those rights which France had to take from Germany at the barrel of a gun in 1919 into their laps.